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SR22-G2 Performance Typical performance data for the SR22 Cruise speed 160 knots at 3000 to 170 knots at 7000 - 12,000; a little more or less depending on weight, all at Lean of Peak operation with FF from about 14.5 gph at 3000 to less than 13 gph at 12,000 Braly thinks the indicator may be slightly optimistic, but a four-way speed run with GPS penciled out to 203 knots true. Later, at 11,500 feet, using 100 additional RPM and with the benefit of about an inch more boost, the SR22 scooted along at just under 200 knots on 18 GPH. lean of peak, of course Cirrus eventually developed its own turbocharging system, with the SR22T. Both versions of the blown-engine SR22 easily cruise faster than 180 knots, some making 210 knots at FL230. With 84 gallons aboard and a useful load of 1100 pounds, the SR22 carries a decent load—600 pounds in the cabin with full fuel isn't bad in a four-place airplane The SR22T maintained the certified flight ceiling of 25,000 (7,600 m) feet and increased the cruise speed to 214 knots (246 m/h, 396 km/h). Finally, in 2013, Cirrus debuted the fourth generation standard and turbo models

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The SR22 has a max cruise speed of 183 KTAS (knots true airspeed), while the SR22T will have a faster max cruise speed of 213 KTAS. This is no surprise as the SR22T has a superior engine to the SR22. So while the aircraft are virtually identical, the SR22T will let you move at faster speeds The strengthened flap hinges provide a much bigger benefit though—initial flap deployment speed jumps from a modest 119 knots indicated airspeed to a much more useful 150 KIAS. The change gives the pilot a very useful tool for managing descents in the slippery airplane and essentially eliminates the need for speed brakes The Cirrus SR22 makes the list again. But this is the non-turbocharged, normally aspirated version that still cranks out 183 knots. The Duluth-based Cirrus has sold about 6,000 SR22s, and the aircraft has been the top selling general aviation airplane every since 2003. All those pilots can't be wrong Designed for enhanced speed and performance, the six-cylinder 310 hp Continental IO-550-N engine upgrades range and payload for longer missions. Technology & Automation Every SR22 features integrated safety systems that are constantly working passively in the background to assist and alert the pilot without distracting or degrading the flight. TBO remains 2,000 hours, and Cessna claims a cruise of 235 knots at 25,000 feet—with fixed gear. The Cirrus SR22 TN easily races along at better than 215 knots up high, 200 knots down low

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Cirrus, 17.5 gallons per hour: 195 knots Cirrus, 15.5 gallons per hour: 185 knots Cirrus, 12.0 gallons per hour: 163 knots. Lancair, 15.1 gallons per hour: 190 knots Lancair, 12.0 gallons per hour: 169 knots. So, the Lancair still has 5 knots speed advantage on the Cirrus, while burning slightly LESS fuel The Cirrus SR22-G2 GTS produced by Cirrus Aircraft. Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Cirrus SR22-G2 GTS here (7,600 m) foot ceiling, a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (243 m/h, 391 km/h) and a top speed of 219 knots (252 m/h, 406 km/h). There were also cosmetic upgrades to the interior of the aircraft. Cruise speed is 185 knots (213 mph, 343 km/h) and stall speed is 60 knots (69 mph, 110 km/h). Variant models of the Cirrus SR22 include the SR22, SR22 G2, SR22, G3, SR21 tdi, SR22T, and SR22TN. The SR22 is a modified more powerful version of the Cirrus SR20. The SR22 has a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a 310 hp engine. The SR22 is also. Boom, there goes what remaining speed we have. Now we are hanging on the prop with the stall warning horn going off - airspeed indicating 40 knots. There is no way we are cruising in slow flight at 40 knots. (Stall speed for the Cirrus is 60 knots). Finally pull it back into a stall to test where the actual stall will happen, and sure enough.

Air conditioning is available with the SR22 Turbo, but this further reduces the useful load. The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h). In 2010, Cirrus introduced the SR22T At a true cruise speed just over 180 knots, the SR22 covers about 750 nautical miles in about 3.8 hours — with reserves on its 84 gallons. That's about 50 miles shorter than the SR20 goes on 60 gallons cruising 160 knots for about 4.25 hours

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Cirrus SR22 real great value . Scroll down for image gallery credit: Tomás Del Coro . PREVIOUS. Cirrus SR22 GTS Perspective . NEXT. Cirrus SR20 GTS Max Cruise Speed: 115 knots 213 Km/h Approach Speed (Vref): Travel range: Fuel Economy: 29.9 nautical mile / gallon 14.628 kilometres / litre. The black line is Cirrus SR20 range and the red line is Cirrus SR22 range. The SR20 has a speed of 155 KTAS (knots true airspeed) while the SR22 will have a faster speed of 184 KTAS. So far, despite the plane looking virtually identical the SR22 travels further and lets you move faster

The SR22T features a 315 hp (235 kW) engine (vs. 310 hp) to provide an extra kick when up in the air. The maximum cruise speed of the SR22T at 85% power is 213 knots, whereas the SR22 is 183 knots, making the SR22T quite a bit faster. One of the other major draw-cards of the SR22T is the 7.5:1 compression ratio which runs on 94 octane AVGas Cruise (4-21). Reduce power to less than 30.5 inches MAP. Lean to the cyan target. If CHTs are above 420, reduce fuel flow by 0.5 gph for a 15-degree reduction. An alternative is to use the G1000 to lean for peak TIT 50-75F lower than peak. Cruise boost pump usage (4-22). This is a huge difference compared to the SR22 If we're making 200 mph (175 knots) or better, we're really getting down the airway. With the advent of a number of slippery, big-engine singles, most notably the Cirrus SR22, 200 knots might well be the new benchmark of how fast fast is. There's no doubt but that today's buyers of high-end, high-performance planes want to see that number

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As a fixed-gear cruiser measured against the likes of the Cessna 172 or 182 or the Piper Archer, its respectably fast. Although Cirrus initially claimed 160-knot cruise speeds, 145 knots for the older models to 155 knots for a G3 SR20 is more like it. Cirrus notes that a slow SR20 should be checked for proper rigging Engine: IO-550-ES 310 HP Engine. Cruise Speed: 175 Knots. Useful Load: 1100 Lbs. Range: 800 Nautical Miles. Rental Rate: $425 Per Hour. Available Aircraft: 1 (N742LG) Insurance Requirements: Private Pilot Certification with an Instrument Rating; 300 hours total flight time; 25 hours in type (SR22) plus completion of the following: the Cirrus.

Cirrus SR22 cruise speeds are shown at Lean of Peak for all power settings 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 150 175 200 225 250 Cruise Speed (knots) Altitude (feet) Cessna 350 (75% or Max Power One of the many hallmarks of Cirrus Aircraft innovation is our constant improvement of the flight experience, and Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ by Garmin® leads the way. Situational Awareness. A host of features provide a visual real-time map of the world around you, including Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™), Surface Watch, TCAS-1 Traffic. Thirdly, there's a 39 knot increase in the deployment speed for 50% flaps, to 150 KIAS. What's more, 100% flaps can now be selected at 110 KIAS - just like on the SR22. These are welcome improvement that greatly assist slow-down and descent. Fourthly, the previously out of sync SR20 (G3) and SR22 (G5) models have been aligned as one G6. The Cirrus SR22 is an extremely capable fixed-gear aircraft with superb aerodynamics, resulting in a normal cruising speed of 182 KTAS. The aircraft boasts a useful load of 978 lbs and a range of up to 1,000 NM. This truly loaded aircraft includes all logs since new, a freshly remanufactured engine and overhauled propeller, airbag seat.

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A 172R is a 115 knot plane, and a 172S is a 125 knot plane. Do the math, but a lot depends on stage lengths. Extra speed doesn't do much on flights less than an hour or so, but makes a big difference on 3-4 hour flights. Figure 8.5 gph for a 172R, 10 gph for a 172S, and 11.5 gps for an SR20 at 75% cruise properly leaned Cirrus SR22. Angelina owns Cirrus SR22, her very own private plane that approximately costs $225,000. The small plane has a maximum top speed of 219 knots and a cruise speed of 211 knots along with a cruising altitude of 25,000 feet. The aircraft features a wingspan of 38 feet and 4 inches, has a single propeller, and has air conditioning with. 2002 Cirrus SR-22 - SOLD. Fresh Engine Overhaul completed December 2020. A rare find, beautiful two owner G1 SR22 with a freshly overhauled engine. This aircraft also some nice upgrades including; a 430W, 6 point engine mount, MCU 120, XM weather which displays on the MFD, and ADSB out The weight of the conversion reduces the SR22's useful load. Air conditioning is available with the SR22 Turbo, but this further reduces the useful load. The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h). In 2010, Cirrus introduced the SR22T

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Cirrus SR22 Turbo. Current Price $ 446,600 U.S. photo: Editorial Team. PREVIOUS. Cirrus SR22 Turbo GTS . NEXT. Max Cruise Speed: 136 knots 252 Km/h Approach Speed (Vref): Travel range: Fuel Economy: 25.57 nautical mile / gallon 12.510 kilometres / litre Service Ceiling:. The design changes improved engine cooling, and increased cruise speed by about 5 knots to a book of 185 knots. The wing TKS inadvertent ice system reduce cruise speeds by about 4 knots which resulted in net airspeed remaining the same. You'll still see previously owned SR22-G2's and SR22-G3's advertising 6-point engine mounts With a maximum cruise speed of 185 knots and a range of more than 1,000 nm, you can use on many trips where the only alternative is an airline flight. The SR22 starts at $449,900. My own private.

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Many pilots of naturally aspirated singles fly for speed. They generally leave throttle and prop forward from takeoff to top of descent, managing only the mixture. For those, the Cirrus just have one lever less not to manage. Other pilots with a prop lever set 2300 for cruise rpm as if that number was required by law Cirrus SR22-G3 | Flying Magazine straight turbocharger while continuing to give the airplane excellent climb and cruise performance, even up to love that new prop-and we soon were at the rotation speed of 71 knots. We climbed out at 1,200 fpm and went to approach Browse 62 sets of aviation cirrus aircraft v speeds flashcards. Study sets. Diagrams. Classes. Users Options. 31 terms. dennis_cooley8. Cirrus SR22 G5 V-speeds and Limitations. Maximum Gross for Takeoff. Maximum Zero Fuel Weight. Maximum Baggage Compartment Loading. Vne. 3600 lbs. 3400 lbs. [At least 200lbs (33.3 Gallons) of the 3,600 lbs. m

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  1. Cirrus SR22 GTSx Turbo HD Series For FSX/P3D Published by Carenado with a landing roll out comparable with the specifications for the SR22. The cruise settings produced an average ground speed of approximately 159 knots for the flight and on shut down on the ramp at YBHM, there was 12.1 gallons of fuel remaining in the tanks..
  2. ute difference on a max range 800 NM trip. Fifteen
  3. Cruise Speed: 175 Knots; (SR22) plus completion of the following: the Cirrus SR22 Perspective Basic Transition Course, the Instrument Procedures Course, and the Icing Awareness Course online. (In lieu of 300 hours experience and 10 hours in type, 150 hours total time, Instrument Rating, 25 in make and model with a CSIP or CTI with.
  4. Perspective with synthetic vision technology- allowing you to fly safer in all conditions
  5. Woolsington, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 7958 944422. View Details. Email Seller Video Chat. Naljets is proud to offer FOR SALE this wonderful, ready and Turn Key Cirrus SR22T GTS3 this is a UK registered Cirrus that is in immaculate condition, this aircraft has a top level specification...See More Details

For the SR20 plan on a block speed of 135 KTAS. For the SR22 plan on a block speed of 160 KTAS. For the SR22T plan on a block speed of 180 KTAS. The side yoke takes five minutes to get used too. Stall speed is about the same 55ish knots dirty. The difference is flying Cirrus is the view out the window gives the plane a very late looking landing Maximum flap speeds were increased to 150 knots (first notch); 110 knots (second notch); and added another 3.5 degrees of extension. Fuel burn slightly increased at cruise speeds, rate of climb was reduced, liftoff speed increased to 80 knots (from 72 knots), and stall speed increased to 60 knots (from 58 knots). SR22/22T G The weight of the conversion reduces the SR22's useful load. Air conditioning is available with the SR22 Turbo, but this further reduces the useful load. The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h) 10 Jan 2018, 23:49. Welcome to Beechtalk, we've been overdue for a good ole fashioned Cirrus debate. Ive owned bonanzas and I have about 800 hours in various Cirri. 1. Yes, the Bonanza will offer a more diverse possibility for avionics. 2. It is pretty close. The 550 A36 might be a couple knots slower than a NA SR22 With a maximum cruise speed of 300 knots (345 miles per hour) and a range of 1,150 miles, the aircraft is hardly a puddle jumper. In fact, you could fly from Newark to Miami in a Vision Jet.

Cirrus SR22-G3. With more than 700 design changes, the latest Cirrus SR22 seems like a whole new airplane. I swapped frequencies on the 430 and made my call to the controller. Austin Departure. Section 5 Cirrus Design Performance Data SR20 Takeoff Distance The following factors are to be applied to the computed takeoff distance for the noted condition: † Headwind - Subtract 10% from computed distance for each 12 knots headwind. † Tailwind - Add 10% for each 2 knots tailwind up to 10 knots Speed is 144 KIAS and power is back to 8.9 inches MAP. Aircraft position is now 1.5 nm from the missed approach point (only 0.5 nm inside of the previous photo). However, in that one-half nm, the speed has dropped to 115 KIAS (a loss of nearly 30 KIAS in only 0.6 nm), which is 4 knots below the max speed for 50% flaps Speed. Cruise speeds vary greatly during the course of a flight, during climb, cruise and descent. In addition, there is a speed limit of 250 knots below 10,000 feet which will impact average speed for shorter flights greater than longer flights. Maximum cruise is the speed the aircraft can fly at its optimal altitude where the air is thinner 2014 Cirrus SR22-GTS N558AT. $475/Hour. Located at KCLW. Description: The Cirrus is the ideal way to travel or train in luxury and with the cruising speed of 183 knots you can move efficiently and comfortably. Used for Cirrus Transition course, private charter, and advanced training, N558AT is the ideal modern aircraft

5: P IRRUS ESIGN ECTION ERFORMANCE SR22 AKEOFF ISTANCE Takeoff Distance: 2900 lb (1315 kg) Weight: 2900 lb (1315 kg) Headwind: Subtract 10% per each 12 Approximate Speed at Liftoff: knots headwind. 70 KIAS Tailwind: Add 10% per each 2 knots Speed over 50 ft Obstacle: 74 KIAS tailwind up to 10 knots The Cirrus Vision Jet features a single jet engine which produces 1,900 lbf of thrust, resulting in a maximum cruising speed of 311 knots. The aircraft is capable of flying up to an altitude of 31,000 feet while maintain a cabin altitude of 8,000 feet. As standard all Cirrus Vision Jets are fitted with the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System

This 2018 Cirrus SR20 is one of the most advanced aircraft available for rental anywhere in the Midwest. max cruise speed. 155 knots. number of seats. 5 Interceptor 400 is capable of a 244-knot cruise speed. By Rob Mark. fit nicely between products like a Cirrus SR22 and the TBM 900 turboprop series. 244 knots with a maximum speed of 266. The Cirrus SR22T G5 is the perfect charter choice for your shorter trips with two people. This cost-efficient aircraft is like flying in a luxury sports car. It operates at 200 knots, offers creature comforts like leather seating and air conditioning, and is ready to take you wherever you need to go on your schedule Corvalis TTx Corvalis TT Cirrus SR22T G3 Model Max Cruise KTAS . 235 235 214 . Typical Cruise KTAS . 223 223 214 Takeoff (50' Obstacle) 1900 1900 1267 The Cirrus has a bit more low speed lift initially, but once they are both off the ground The FAA requested that Cirrus test the SR22 parachute throughout the envelope. This included.

Cirrus SR22. The Cirrus SR22 is single engine piston, fixed gear, low-wing, aircraft built by Cirrus Aircraft. The Cirrus SR22 is a four- or five-seat composite aircraft built from 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota. Specifications . Exterior Dimensions. Wing span: 38 ft 4 in Length: 26 ft Height: 8 ft 11 in Cabin Width: 49 in Cabin. 2003 Cirrus SR22 Centennial Edition - SOLD 2003 Centennial Edition SR22 with many many upgrades. This aircraft comes equipped with the brand new Garmin GTN750Xi/GTN650Xi WAAS GPS, Garmin GTX345R Transponder (ADS-B I/O), Garmin GMA35C AudioPanel, and a DFC90 Autopilot The SR22 has a max cruise speed of 183 KTAS (knots true airspeed), while the SR22T will have a faster max cruise speed of 213 KTAS. The Mirage has changed over the years in terms of styling, installed avionics packages and interior appointments, but it still has the same airframe and engine as back in 1989 Cirrus SR22 is online in Ann Arbor. Crosswinds Aviation now has a very nicely equipped new 2014 Cirrus SR22 on the flight line in Ann Arbor (KARB). This is an amazing plane and it is available for rent with Crosswinds Aviation. Here are some noteworthy features of this beautiful aircraft Cirrus SR21: lt;p|>||||| | | | | SR22 || | | | ||||| || | | Role | | Civil utility aircraft || | | Manufactu... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the.

Air conditioning is available with the SR22 Turbo, but this further reduces the useful load. The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h). On 22 May 2008, Cirrus revealed the Cirrus Perspective glass cockpit (by Garmin) 2010 Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo - NexGA. SOLD! Gorgeous & FAST Loaded 2010 Turbo Normalized SR22 in Excellent Condition Loaded Up w/ Air Conditioning, Flight Into Known Icing Protection (FIKI), Garmin Perspective, WAAS, Synthetic Vision, Built in Oxygen, Electronic Ignition. 210+ Knots In 2007, Cirrus introduced an updated model of the SR20 that incorporates changes from the SR22 G3 airframe, including installing a lighter, larger SR22-length wing. The new wing increased the SR20's cruise speed by 6-7 knots (11-13 km/h). This improved model is called the SR20 G3 for Generation 3. The new model includes

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Aircraft Review - Cirrus SR20-G1000 by vFlyteAir Would you fly right around the world in a small 200 hp (149 kW) engined aircraft? Well it can be done, and to be the youngest pilot at 19 years old to do so. Ryan Campbell an Australian did that record breaking attempt in an Cirrus SR22 in Septembe.. The two displayed by Cirrus Design are turbo-charged, with a cruise speed of 210 knots-and are for sale. The pair displayed by Dubai Aerospace Enterprise are the first for DAE's training academy CIRRUS DESIGN SR22 Aircraft Serials 0002 thru 2978, 2980 thru 2991, 2993 thru 3001, 3003 thru 3025, 3027 and subs with Analog KTAS Knots True Airspeed is the airspeed expressed in knots VNO Maximum Structural Cruising Speed is the speed that should not be exceeded except in smooth air, and then onl Cirrus SR22 owned by Tom Reid of San Diego, CA. 2 cruise produced a satisfying 180 knots but at a cost of about 21 gph. That encouraged me to use lower, more effi cient power settings, Speed was still about 160 knots, but fuel burn dropped from 14.5 to 12.6 gph. With a full 81 gallons in th In July 2006, Cirrus announced a turbo normalized SR22. Fuel burn was slightly increased at cruise speeds, rate of climb was reduced, liftoff speed was increased to 80 knots from 72 knots and stall speed increased to 60 knots from 58 knots. [32][33] Operators [ImagineAir Cirrus SR22

SR22's landing gear is three inches taller and a bit stiffer than the lighter airplane's. At cruise settings, the horsepower also makes a difference. The increase from the SR20's 160-knot cruise speed at 75-per­ cent power to the SR22's 181 knots is impressive, but you might ask whether the additional fuel burn and extra $60,000 to $70,000 is. Cruise speed 180 knots Three hours fuel 253 miles from land. The safety of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft was demonstrated again yesterday when our pilot, Lue Morton, successfully deployed the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System over the Pacific Ocean. However, on a day with only 10 knots of wind, the sr22 will splash down and not be towed into.

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  1. On 11/26/2020 at 1:58 PM, tommy10101 said: the default sr22 says it has a cruise speed of 150kts yet a search of wiki tells me the most common version should be 180kts. This sounds more like it for 300hp
  2. I wasn't in my SR22, I was in the left seat of N149VB, the Cirrus Vision Jet G2, with Matt Bergwall, director of Vision Jet Product Line in the right seat at Knoxville airport (KTYS). I had first seen the Vision Jet (then named The Jet) in Duluth during the unveiling in 2007 as an initial position holder
  3. imum steady flight speed at which the aircraft is controllable with 50% flaps. Stalling Speed is the

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Maybe the competition should take a leaf out of its book. The 2017 'Generation 6' upgrades apply to the Cirrus SR-20, SR-22 and SR-22T. The SR-20 now features an engine that is more compact and yet produces greater power, the latest 215hp four-cylinder Lycoming IO-390-C3B6 replacing the previously-offered 200hp six-cylinder Continental IO-360 This is an ideal opportunity to enter into Cirrus ownership with a 2003 SR22 G1 model. With a cruise speed of around 180 knots and 310HP, there is plenty of power available when you need it. Specifically engineered to give you the lifestyle you want - freedom to go where you want, without waiting or hassles - and to do it with advanced.

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This catapults the aircraft to a 244 knot typical cruise speed at up to 24,000 feet with 900 nautical miles range. It seats 3 passengers and the pilot in a pressurized cabin. Maximum speed is 266. The following math is a good reminder of how rapidly stall speed rises in a turn: Calculations based on the airplane's weight at the time of the accident indicated that, at 1g with flaps up, the aerodynamic stall speed would have been 75 to 78 knots calibrated airspeed. The stall speed in a 60° turn (2 g) would have been 105 to 109 knots

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  1. g in. We had to to immediately slow down (the Emergency procedures call for a speed under 90 knots), then scramble to find a nearby airport to land
  2. The Cirrus side has been covered in detail, but I calculated data for the SR22 because so many others had written about it that it would be a good way to check the accuracy of my other calculations. My spreadsheet does not include the latest SR22 fatal accident which occurred in mid-January 2015, but of 70 fatal SR22 accidents from 2000 to the.
  3. Cirrus SR22 vs Saratoga vs A36. Discussion in 'AviatorChat.com' started by Pinarello, Feb 22, 2015. Page 1 of 2 1 2 space, too), and full fuel (just a hair over 5 hours) and be right at gross weight and in the middle of the CG range. Cruise speed is 185 knots burning 25 gallons an hour. Plus, I have two more seats available, so if I cut.
  4. The DA40, for example, features a stall speed of 49 knots - 10 percent slower than the Cirrus SR20 and more than 15 percent slower than the Lancair Columbia 350. The Liberty XL2 takes the notion further, boasting a stall speed of only 43 knots. The slow stall speed does more than reduce the chance of landing accidents, however
  5. I have flown the Cirrus 20 and 22. and the 22 is better. No Columbia experience at all. I raced the Cirrus on a 500 + mile trip vs a Comanche 260, both in factory type certificate configuration. Results were the Cirrus sr22 was faster, and won the race. The rules were only to cruise at no more than 12.8 GPH
  6. Now even though the sr20 is not a huge performance increase over say a 152, at the pre private level 30 kt cruise increase is huge. think of the first time you jumped from a 152 to say an arrow or its equal, adding even 20 kts of cruise speed can make you get behind the airplane rather quick. things are going by 30 percent faster than youre used to. i remember what its like and its frustrating.
  7. G1000 avionics and attitude-based autopilot. Holds more fuel (92 gallons.
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• Maximum cruise speed in knots, which is the fastest the aircraft is able to travel in smooth air. • Service Ceiling in feet, which is the highest altitude the • For the Cirrus SR22, Maximum Cruise should increase from 178 to 224 knots, Max Takeoff Weight should increase from 3,400 to 4,143 pounds, and price of rental. The Cirrus SR22 Turbo. Single-engine, four seat, composite aircraft built by Cirrus Aircraft. It is a more powerful version of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a 310 horsepower (231 kW) engine. It is the world''s best-selling, single-engine, four-seat aircraft every year since 2004 Cirrus airplanes require only routine maintenance to the extent of their published useful life. An alternative is to develop major (or heavy) inspections at certain intervals to check the structure and replace suspect components. At Cirrus we chose to test for a useful life of 12,000 flight hours - about 60 years of average use The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h). In 2010, Cirrus introduced the SR22T 2017 Cirrus SR22 G6 Turbo GTS Platinum Edition CRUISE SPEED (KTAS): 213 KTAS 550 factory turbocharged engine for 200-plus-knots true airspeed in cruise and 1,000-plus fpm rate of climb with the simplicity and user-friendliness of a fixed-gear single. So, what is new? Essentially, there are just two new things, the new Perspective+ flat

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To give a comparison, although the SR22 cruises around 17-18 knots slower than an Ovation 2 or a Lancair 300, it has a greater payload with full tanks than either - and although both the new Cessna 182 and the Piper Archer III cost less, the SR22 leaves both wallowing in its dust, given that most 182s of my aquaintance struggle to make 140. the SR22's useful load. Air conditioning is available with the SR22 Turbo, but this further reduces the useful load. The turbo version has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m), a maximum cruise speed of 211 knots (391 km/h), and a top speed of 219 knots (406 km/h).[26][27][28] In 2010, Cirrus introduced the SR22T. This used a ne

The speed for the deployment of the parachute has also increased, from 133 to 140 knots, which adds to the margin of safety for deployments. There are some trade-ofs to the weight increase and all that went into it High Power / High Speed Cruise (with CHTs under 380° F ) Not possible. 5. Operating Costs - Fuel. In LOP cruise, at the same True Air Speed, the Tornado Alley Turbo TN SR22 Smart-Turbo is more efficient. From the early numbers we have seen reported, the TN SR22 burns about 0.6 to 0.8 gph less fuel per hour at the same true airspeed B48 The SR22 has not been certified for spin recovery. B49 If the airplane departs controlled flight, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) must be deployed. B50 Refer to Section 3 - Emergency Procedures, Inadvertent Spiral/Spin Entry. B51 The SR22 is certified in the normal category and is not designed for aerobatic operations

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Prokop purchased his Cirrus SR22 airplane in 2002 from appellant Cirrus Design including airspeed, preflight procedures, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, landing, post-landing, and environmental considerations; (5) performance data, speed of 127 knots. The SR22 had a top speed of 180 knots. And unlike the Cessna 172 Cruising speed is 300 knots (560 km/h) and range is approximately 1,200 nautical miles (2,200 km). A 'whole-aircraft' ballistic parachute system is fitted for emergencies. The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine four- or five-seat composite aircraft built from 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota.. It is a development of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a more powerful, 310-horsepower (231 kW) engine. The SR22 series has been the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) airplane every year since 2003

In the past, Cirrus used a turbo-normalizing system (SR22TN), but later switched to the Continental factory twin-turbocharger option similar to what Columbia/Cessna had been using. In general, the TTx is approximately 5 to 15 knots faster than the SR22T. This varies based on operating parameters and installed equipment Cirrus SR22-G1, photo credit wikiWings. The first generation SR22 had a TCM IO-500N 310-HP engine that is known as one of Continental's best motors. A 3-blade prop was standard equipment. This gave the SR22 more payload capacity and speed (Gross weight 3,400 lbs. and with the G5 gross weight increased to 2,600 lbs.)

Our Rental Fleet. Our aircraft are based at beautiful Indianapolis Executive Airport (Zionsville) - with a 5500′ runway, ILS & WAAS based approaches, and a covered arrival/departure canopy to keep you out of the weather. 2019 Cirrus SR20 G6. 2016 Cirrus SR22. 2016 Cirrus SR20 SR22-G2 Performance. Typical performance data for the SR22. Cruise speed 160 knots at 3000 to 170 knots at 7000 - 12,000; a little more or less depending on weight, all at Lean of Peak operation with FF from about 14.5 gph at 3000 to less than 13 gph at 12,000

Aero Atlanta offers two brand-new naturally aspirated Cirrus SR22 G6 aircraft available for instruction and rental. With a maximum gross weight of 3,600 pounds, 310 horsepower engine and maximum cruising speed of 183 knots, this aircraft gives new meaning to the term high-performance The SR22 has a max cruise speed of 183 KTAS (knots true airspeed), while the SR22T will have a faster max cruise speed of 213 KTAS. This is no surprise as the SR22T has a superior engine to the SR22. So while the aircraft are virtually identical, the SR22T will let you move at faster speeds. Cirrus SR22T & Cirrus SR22 Maximum Cruise Speed

2003 model Cirrus SR22. File:CirrusDesignSR22G2N558CDphoto4.JPG . Cirrus SR22 G2 showing how the doors open. Instrument panel. The SR22, by. The primary objective is to fly at a 'safe' speed (above stall speed - probably around 80 - 100 knots). So I have the following with me: 3D Model of Airframe: Composite + Foam (Burt Rutan style), closely resembles a Cirrus SR22; MTOW estimate: approx. 340 kg; Speed range: 60 - 100 knots; Can I calculate the minimum required engine power from.

The imaginative piggyback engine placement and eye-catching V-tail design is a novel solution to reducing cabin noise. The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS) provides the ultimate safety advantage-an exclusive Cirrus technology that has saved over 100 lives in SR20 and SR22 aircraft The Cirrus SR22 GTS Perspective is a variant of the Cirrus SR22, a civil utility aircraft designed and produced by Cirrus Aircraft. Beginning production in 2001, over 6,149 units of the SR22 and its variants have been built through 2019. Due to its success in sales, the SR22 serves as one of the most produced aircraft of the 21st century.. For 2008 the SRV model was updated to G3 configuration, with the SR22 wing. [27] Cirrus discontinued the SRV for the 2010 model year. SR20 G3 Introduced in 2007, the Generation 3 G3 has a lighter wing of greater area, incorporating a carbon-fiber spar. The new wing increased the SR20's cruise speed by 6-7 knots (11-13 km/h) A Cirrus SR-22 would get me there and back in only 4:30, for a two-hour saving, but would burn 74 gallons, adding about USD 90.00 to the fuel cost. In other words, the Cirrus saves only a half hour over the Mooney at a cost of USD 100 extra in fuel