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To turn on a gas fireplace with a wall switch, simply locate the switch in the control panel and push the On button. You should be able to adjust the intensity of the flame if your gas fireplace is equipped with an adjustable switch. Make sure your gas valve is open before switching on the fireplace DRELD Low Pressure LPG Propane Gas Fireplace Fire Pit Control Valve with Thermocouple Knob Switch, with Flare Thread 5/8-18UNF Inlet Outlet, Fits for Gas Grill, Heater, Fire Pit 4.2 out of 5 stars 62 $19.99 $ 19 . 9 Complete your gas fireplace installation with a gas fireplace wall switch from Gas Log Guys. With a selection of different wall switches from various manufacturers, you're bound to find something you love. Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Electric Fireplace Inserts Electric Fireplace TV Stands Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces. Kitchen Appliances

When trying to automate a smart switch for your gas fireplace, you might face a problem. This problem arises due to lots of switches requiring a neutral wire to be connected so they get constant power for zwave radios to send and receive signals How do you turn on a gas fireplace with a light switch? Press the control knob down and hit the ignition switch. To ignite the pilot light, press your finger into the center of the control knob and hold it in place. Then, hit the fireplace's ignition switch, which is typically a red button located near the control knob The thermopile in your fireplace puts out millivolts, nothing near the 120V the light switch was designed for. It's probably just a matter of finding a switch with a low enough on resistance. A generic low voltage switch from a electronics store, or ripped out of a toy, would probably do it (for example a 12V SPST) The dimensions of the insert must fit within the fireplace cavity. In order to replace a gas fireplace with an electric insert you will need to remove the existing unit, seal the gas line, and pop in the electric unit. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process. Converting From Gas to Electric Inser Pat, your fireplace would have a thermocouple and a Milli-volt gas valve. When the thermocouple is heated by the pilot light, it generates a very small electrical voltage (millivolts) which can be run through a switch to turn on a Milli-volt gas valve (as opposed to a 24 volt gas valve used with a conventional thermostat)

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  1. HOW DOES YOUR GAS FIREPLACE START? When you flip a wall switch, click on your remote control or the thermostat calls for heat, the gas valve on your fireplace will open. Gas valves generate their own electricity and operate on millivolts, a very small amount of electricity
  2. IPI Valve System. A gas fireplace with an intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) valve system will remain operational during a power outage. An IPI valve system is an energy-saving electronic system that utilizes an electrode to ignite your pilot gas. After being sparked by electricity, the pilot flame then lights your main burner gas
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  4. #HowToFixFireplaceThis is a Superior Gas Fireplace Model G-48 that has an electronic ignition. It was built in the 1970's. After not having been used for a l..
  5. But the IPI switch would not consume gas unless you flipped on the wall switch or used the remote. The Milivolt system would use approximately 600 - 800 BTUS of fuel an hour, with 24/7 usage, you can expect to pay approximately $14.00 per month with propane and $5.00 per month using natural gas
  6. Rocker Switch Lighted On Off 120927-24 120 Volt for Electric Fireplaces FMI Desa On-Off Lighted 16A/250V/AC1HP 20A/125V/3/4HP. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 15. $18.89

Electric starter AND an always-lit pilot light? NYC_SKP. Jan 2013. #1. Electric switch apparently is meant to increase the flame, but yes a minimal pilot flame remains lit. hlthe2b. Jan 2013. #2. If I had to guess, I would say faulty/dirty flame dectector or wiring to it Gas logs provide the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fireplace without the work or mess. The fireplace uses natural or propane gas and synthetic logs to provide an attractive heat source. A thermostat, remote control or switch turns the flames on and off. Most gas fireplaces have a switch mounted in the front, under the fireplace If you have an older gas fireplace insert, it likely does not need electrical hook-up since the pilot light is probably lit and at the ready at all times.However, more recently built inserts, have an energy-conscious design with an intermittent ignition system which means electricity is used through a remote control system to spark the pilot flame each time you want to use your fireplace 45 in. Freestanding Electric Fireplace in Gray This 45 in. Electric Fireplace is a perfect This 45 in. Electric Fireplace is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, consumer-oriented design philosophy and traditional classic aesthetics. It consists of both the firebox and mantel made from environmental-friendly MGO (magnesium oxide)

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  1. Both gas and electric fireplaces are much easier to install than a wood-burning fireplace. A gas fireplace requires that the gas line be run to the area, and a small vent is needed for most models. Non-venting units are available if you are unable to run a vent. The unit is then set in place and hooked up
  2. My fireplace has a light-switch that turns it on (really, releases the gas, because the pilot light is already going). A couple of months back we noticed the switch would only work every couple of tries. I replaced the light switch and it worked fine for a couple of days but now it is not working entirely (ever). Being fairly new to homeownership I'm not sure whether this is a problem for an.
  3. Gas Fireplace Basics Gas fireplaces are a great way to add warmth and comfort to a space. Much like wall furnaces, gas fireplaces come on and off with a wall switch and can be controlled by a remote

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Answer: Unfortunately, there is probably no easy way to do what you want to do. Electric fireplaces typically generate fewer than 5,000 BTUs, a measure of heat, while gas fireplaces often put out.. Dimension: 739 x 739. DOWNLOAD. Wiring Diagram Images Detail: Name: gas fireplace wiring diagram - Gas Fireplace Instructions New Fireplace Wiring Diagram Unique 3 Ways to Light A Gas Fireplace. File Type: JPG. Source: wwewrestlemania33.com. Size: 123.23 KB. Dimension: 728 x 546. DOWNLOAD

Flip the new switch to see if your electric fireplace ignites. If it fails to ignite, use your voltage tester to test both the switch and the circuit breaker in order to ensure the device is receiving electricity. If the switch is receiving electricity and the fireplace still doesn't work, your problem most likely lies elsewhere If your own troubleshooting fails to solve the problem, you should call a fireplace service company near you for help. Most service calls for gas fireplaces cost about $100, and repairs for pilot lights cost $150 on average. Other gas fireplace repairs include loose connections, defective valves, or bad modules in electric ignition units One of the perks of a gas or electric fireplace is the ability to use remote controls to switch on the fire. eFireplaceStore.com has a large selection Gas Fireplace Wiring Diagram Gallery - Gas Fireplace Inserts No Chimney Awesome Gas Insert Beautiful Vent. Gas Fireplace Parts Diagram Beautiful Gas Fireplace Parts. Gas Fireplace Doors Best Fireplace Wiring Diagram Lovely Od 2000. Vermont Castings Wiring Diagram Diy Wiring Diagrams • When the power is out and heat is an issue, a gas fireplace is a lucky thing to have. The fire can still catch if there is no electricity coming in to your gas fireplace. Be prepared to light up your space and be on the receiving end of warmth if you know how the unit works and how to get the spark ignited

Add outstanding realism to narrower wood-burning fireplaces. With up to eight real-life ceramic logs in three styles, Duzy Series 24 and 30 vented gas log sets are radiant with pushbutton ease and Natural Flame™ realism. View Details. Starting at. $1,088 * Take a modern approach to fireside chats with a wall-mount electric fireplace, or opt for an electric fireplace TV stand that doubles as a media console and a hearth. Many electric fireplaces fit up against a wall, but you can also choose a corner electric fireplace to create a different aesthetic

Electric Wall Switch fireplaces are much faster to install, usually done in 30 minutes or less, faster if you don't have to assemble it yourself. All you need is an electrical outlet with the proper voltage and amperage. The units are usually encased in a beautiful wood mantle, and can often be moved around the room. In other words, they're. As a result, the switch on the wall does not have electricity coming from the electricity panel. The switch on the wall is connected directly to the fireplace. I am concerned with the fireplace. I understand the Lutron Maestro is an electronic switch. Based on my research, I am not going to be able to use a Digital Switch to operate the fire place. Electric starter AND an always-lit pilot light? NYC_SKP. Jan 2013. #1. Electric switch apparently is meant to increase the flame, but yes a minimal pilot flame remains lit. hlthe2b. Jan 2013. #2. If I had to guess, I would say faulty/dirty flame dectector or wiring to it Electric fireplaces are much more convenient and also do not themselves cause any pollution, although generating electricity is causing lots of pollution. Electric fireplaces are a simple solution which can be switched on and off at the flick of a switch. They can also be controlled by remote control if needed

Push the switch for fire and ambiance, while audible feedback confirms commands and ensures safe functioning. This simple switch is designed for wall placement. Models: IntelliFire™ Plus RC150-HNG. Features: on/off, battery strength indicator, automatic battery backup, cold climate mod Replacing a standard gas fireplace switch with a smart one. Close. 5. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. It has a thermopile that converts heat energy into electric energy. The idea being that the only way the pilot valve will open is if enough heat is present to ignite any gas. So when the thermopile is red hot because either you are hitting.

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Prefabricated wood burning fireplaces, direct vent gas fireplaces, vent free gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces will often use a rotary style blower, also called a squirrel cage blower. This blower fits at the very bottom of the fireplace Established in 1927, Heatilator has built a long standing reputation for providing quality, dependable hearth products at unbeatable values. Today, Heatilator remains the most preferred, recommended and installed fireplace brand among building professionals. Check out our lineup today! Keeping America warm since 1927 Enter the new electronic ignition systems for your gas fireplace. A standing pilot light that runs 24/7 will cost you an estimated $.60 per day, depending on the gas prices in your area. That's just under $20 a month, or $75 per season. With the new IPI systems, that cost is almost entirely eliminated. Fireplaces Get Smar Like many other electric fireplaces, my fireplace has two heat settings. The fireplace has separate switches to control each heat setting. In order to the turn the heater on with the low setting switch, the power switch must be on Unlike building and maintaining a wood fire, a propane or natural gas fireplace makes enjoying a fire simple. Achieving a toasty fire is as easy as knowing how to light a gas fireplace. Use this guide to learn how to light a gas fireplace using a wall switch, control panel or fireplace key

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Electric Fireplace Inserts (2) Entertainment Center Electric Fireplaces (34) Mantel Electric Fireplaces (5) Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces (3) Wood Species. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results Available either vented, with a fixed glass panel in front of the flames, or ventless, with a fixed metal screen or glass panel. For More: How to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert. Price: $2,000 to $4,000 installed. Shown: Medina 31-inch direct-vent insert, 21,000-Btu output (maximum), $1,893; Lennox Hearth Products

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6. Press the control knob down and hit the ignition switch. To ignite the pilot light, press your finger into the center of the control knob and hold it in place. Then, hit the fireplace's ignition switch, which is typically a red button located near the control knob. Tap the switch until the pilot light ignites Electric Fireplaces Instantly evoke the ambiance of warmth and relaxation with the flick of a switch. Cozy up to our collection of electric fireplaces from top brands, each fully functional and easy to use, so creating the perfect mood is as simple as pressing a button Press the control knob down and hit the ignition switch. To ignite the pilot light, press your finger into the center of the control knob and hold it in place. Then, hit the fireplace's ignition switch, which is typically a red button located near the control knob. Tap the switch until the pilot light ignites And if it is an electric one, things are more manageable and enjoyable. Forget about collecting the mess before and after. You just have to switch on a button and it will immediately create a cozy environment at your home. Here is a small guide that could tell you how to convert a wood-burning fireplace into an electric one 1-800-218-4947 Fireplace Blower Heat Switch - Turns your fireplace blower on and off automatically. Easy installation, simply plug your existing blower motor into the female cord from the heat control, then plug the male end of the heat control into an 110v power sourc

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Electric Fireplaces Direct Phone Search Support For Pros Account Cart Mantel Packages Rustic & Stone Contemporary Traditional Corner Shop All Mantel Packages About Mantel Packages. Fireplaces come with several remote control alternatives. The number of features and the type of natural gas stove should guide your choice. SMART-BATT This is suited for a hearth that was wired without electricity. The remote uses thermostatic temperature control to turn the flame on/off. It has a child-safety feature and a countdown timer These maintenance requirements demand the use of a skilled professional to ensure your safety, adding extra cost to your gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces generally cost 17 to 24 cents per hour to operate, whereas electric fireplaces provide realistic looking flames for about 3 cents per hour and flames with heat for around 8 to 12 cents an hour Dimplex 25-Inch Electric Fireplace Multi- Fire XD- PF2325HL. Model: PF2325HL. Regular Price: $714.99. Special Price $699.99. FREE SHIPPING. Add to Cart Gas Fireplaces. Fire In An Instant! Traditional or Modern we have a Direct Vent gas fireplace that is right for you. Add the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace with the convenience of gas to your home. Our Direct Vent technology makes venting the units very easy, gone are the days of the 20 foot tall chimney

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3. Ambiance. An electric fireplace provides a room with unique looks not available from traditional fireplaces. With different media options, flame appearances, and backlighting available, you can often change your fireplace in a variety of ways to match your needs—or your mood! Another advantage electric fireplaces have over wood or gas is. We are Orange County's Original Fire Supplier. We supply fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables, barbecues, barbecue islands, gas and electric heaters and much, much more. Come and see us in Irvine or give us a call. We're sure we can help you Valor fireplaces are fully functional heaters designed to heat your home with efficient, radiant warmth. Engineered to circulate air through natural convection, Valor fireplaces are highly efficient without a fan - providing reliable heat, even during a power failure. While a fan is an option, it is unnecessary to effectively heat your home

gthomas785. If this is a gas fireplace with a standing pilot, I think Neal has got it right. It doesn't run on grid power, it just uses the voltage output of the thermopile to actuate the main valve. The wall switch breaks the circuit when you don't want it on. If you want to kill it, just turn off the main gas supply Find more details about Gas, Electric and wood Fireplaces. Marquis Skyline III Direct Vent See Through Gas Fireplace. Marquis Skyline II Direct Vent See Through Gas Fireplace. Alterra CF780 Wood Fireplace. Alterra CI1250 Wood Insert. Alterra CS1200 Wood Stove. Amantii 2939-TRU-VIEW-XL, 3-sided Electric Fireplace Product Description. Many freestanding gas and propane fireplaces have rocker switches. These rocker switches allow the home owner to turn the fireplace on and off, and set to thermostat mode (3 way rocker switch). There are hundreds of different kinds of rocker switches Troubleshooting Cold Start-Up on Gas Fireplaces. Whether you use a Remote Control system or a Wall Switch to operate your Regency Electronic Ignition appliance, it is possible that on colder or damp days your electronic ignition will require multiple attempts before successfully igniting. This is perfectly normal, and not a defect 1. Cut off ( rewire ) the three way switch completely that is mounted on fireplace. 2. Install a millivolt thermostat that act as a switch. Regular switches are meant for 120V and over a period of time can give you troubles. Thermostat also helps to shut the fireplace intermiteently when it reaches the desired temperature

Warm any room with one of our convenient electric fireplaces, or enjoy the comfortable heat of one of our wood stoves and pellet stoves. You can also supplement your existing heating system with one of our reliable wood furnaces. A fireplace can add warmth and ambiance; plus, it can serve as a unique focal point for a room.. Like the gas fireplace, these are really not the most efficient way to get heat of the fuel resource. All electric heaters are 100% efficient at converting the electricity to heat; the difference. A Growing Trend. While cozying up to a warm crackling fireplace sounds like a great way to heat up and save energy, it is actually one of the least efficient ways to heat your home, causing many people to convert their traditional fireplaces to electric fireplaces.Fireplaces are inefficient because they remove the warm air from inside the house and send it out through the chimney Fireplace Services, Products, Installation & Repair. As an NFI Certified company, CDR Fireplace Services has repaired fireplaces for over 13 years. From service and repairs on your existing fireplace, to installing a new fire feature, you can rely on our expertise and customer service. At CDR Fireplaces, we stand by and guarantee all work.

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Mantels. Linear Fireplaces. Fireboxes & Inserts. Wall-mounts. Redefine one or many of your favorite spaces with a gorgeous electric fireplace. Dimplex offers you the widest array of top-quality designs with an unparalleled selection of styles, accents and finishes to suit any style and application. Welcome to our Showroom Gas Fireplaces. Superior gas fireplaces offer the beauty, comfort and warmth of a flame at the touch of a switch. Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary look, Superior offers a wide variety of options designed to match any décor. Whether you're looking for direct vent, vent-free or b-vent model, Superior offers a wide. Convert a Valor gas fireplace to a beautiful outdoor unit with our Outdoor Conversion kit. A four-sided fireplace that eliminates the need for a traditional hearth in your living space. At 66 ¼ inches the L3 delivers energy-efficient, radiant warmth. The L2 boasts a 50 viewing area highlighting magnificent flames within

1. Energy-efficient; chimney heat loss is a non-issue with electric fireplaces. Although some people dispute the factor of energy-efficiency when it comes to electric fireplaces (i.e. the cost of electricity vs. the cost of using firewood), the fact of the matter is that a majority of the heat that is generated by traditional fireplaces is lost up the chimney. With an electric model, you get. Get warmth and comfort with convenience, stunning good looks, and low-cost energy efficiency from our innovations in indoor fireplaces. Add coziness, relaxation and higher value to your home in gas, wood or electric designs. Outdoor. Outdoor fireplaces are soaring in popularity as we connect more closely to nature and expand our living spaces The dial switch only stays on for 30 minutes and I'd like something with longer control. The gas fireplace is nothing special as it's just on or off and no other controls. Ultimately, i'd love to try and install some type of remote control switch that i can change the time that it is on from a distance, but not sure if there is an easy way, or. Heating Capability. Electric fireplaces are one of the most efficient ways to heat a room, which in turn, reduces energy costs. Electric fireplaces heat rooms faster and more efficiently while gas fireplaces heat larger spaces faster and more efficiently. A gas fireplace can provide 25,000 - 30,000 BTUs of heat

Assortment of gas fireplace wiring diagram. A wiring diagram is a simplified traditional pictorial representation of an electric circuit. It shows the parts of the circuit as streamlined shapes, and also the power and signal links in between the devices MODERN INDOOR FIREPLACES, FRAMELESS IN EVERY WAY Flare Fireplaces offers 60 different modern indoor fireplaces. Our modern indoor fireplaces are available in lengths ranging from 30″ up to 100″ and offer glass heights of 16″, 24″, and 30″.The modern indoor fireplaces include many advanced features, like our advanced 3D burner system which offers a fuller, more natural flame presentation Best Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace. 50-Inch Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace. Amazon. Touchstone amazon.com. $299.00. $269.00 (10% off) SHOP NOW. Made specifically to hang on a wall, this 50-inch electric fireplace offers five levels of extremely realistic flames set within faux logs or crystals, which come included Shut off the fireplace and gas supply. Leave the house immediately. Do not try to light the appliance. Do not touch any electric switch. Do not use any telephone in your house. Contact your local gas supplier from outside, or a neighbor's house. If you cannot make contact with your gas supplier then dial 911 Designed for use with gas fireplaces and some heating systems, our selection of millivolt thermostats can be used with or without an external power source. We carry a variety of wired and wireless options to best suit your needs. Our millivolt thermostats have different features including programmable thermostat settings, digital displays.

Waukesha fireplace company offering Heatilator and Heat & Glo fireplaces at affordable prices. For a free quote on fireplace installation or repair work, call 262-796-9999 Electric Fireplace Won't Turn On. Electric fireplaces are turned on by an on/off switch which is usually located near the edge of the fireplace in a discreet location. Feel around for any buttons or switches. Most units also come with a remote What parts typically need gas fireplace repair? Electronic or electric ignitions often require professional service to adjust or replace them. Other parts that require replacement or repair: Thermopiles, sensors that converts electrical impulses into thermal energy to ignite the gas, can fail and are easily replaced by a professional. Gas Fireplace Replacement parts for all major brands of Gas fireplaces. All Parts in stock and ready to ship

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Get a classic fireplace look with modern convenience. A fireplace can completely change the look of a room, but there's more to installing a gas log set than just choosing an attractive model within your budget. With the sheer number of configurable, customizable, and interchangeable options available, the buying process may seem overwhelming Most electric fireplaces have heaters with 1,000 to 1,500 watts of power. You'll also want to consider the BTU-rating of any model you're thinking of buying since that translates into how much heating power the unit has. Typically, you'll find electric fireplace heaters have in the range of 4,000 to 5,000 BTU With 42,500 BTUs of controllable heat, the Bellavista is an efficient direct vent fireplace perfect for medium to large living spaces. Standard Features. Natural gas or propane. Safety screen. Ceramic glass. Log set with embers. Fire grate. Flame height adjustment control. Proflame remote control Disconnect the gas line from the wall and the fireplace. Remove the gas fireplace from the wall - it may need a little wiggle to come loose. Plug the gas line with a safety cape and apply pipe sealing around this to ensure a complete seal. This is extremely important to prevent gas leaks. Turn the gas supply to the home back on. Check for leaks Electric Fireplaces are ideal for creating an instant upgrade to any room. They're especially handy when it isn't feasible to install a Gas or Wood-Burning Fireplace or Stove in a space. Electric Fireplaces can literally go anywhere and are ready to spread comfort and warmth straight out of the box

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Heat & Glo ST-550T See-Through Gas Fireplace. Price Tier: $$ View Product. Refine Search. Subcategory. electric fireplace inserts (1) electric fireplaces (6) gas fireplace inserts (9) gas fireplaces (53) gas stoves (9) pellet fireplace inserts (4) pellet stoves (6) wood fireplace inserts (2) wood fireplaces (20 GAS * WOOD * ELECTRIC * INDOOR * OUTDOOR. Fireplaces Are Our Only Busines

20 Amp, 120/277 Volt, Toggle Double-Throw Ctr-OFF Momentary Contact Single-Pole AC Quiet Switch, Industrial Grade, Grounding, Back & Side Wired, White, 1257-W $39.78 20-Amp 120-Volt Decora Plus Rocker Lighted Handle, Illuminated OFF Single-Pole AC Quiet Switch, White, 5631-2 Mendota gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are sold through a nationwide network of authorized Mendota dealerships. These professionals have both the knowledge and experience to help you select the correct size fireplace for your home and provide expert installation and service

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We understand that form and function should only exist in harmony. And that the little things are just as important as the big things. Whether you're looking for indoor fireplaces, gas log sets or fireplace accessories - may the perfect finishing touch find you here! Click on a product category link below to see everything Astria has to offer For over 40 years, Fireplace Xtrordinair® has been heating homes across North America with impeccably crafted wood and gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Manufactured in Seattle, Washington, we are chosen by many for our wide selection. Each custom-crafted with an artful eye for stylish detail Dimplex Wall Switch Remote Control. $119.99. Add to Cart. Free Shipping. Ships: SAME DAY Via Federal Express Order by 11am CST. Delivery 2-5 days. Operates your fireplace from up to 50 ft. away, sending radio signals through walls, doors and other obstructions. Uses Versatile Power Sources: Operates on battery power or with hard wire low. Rocker Switch Lighted On Off for Electric Fireplaces FMI Desa 120927-24 120 volt. Condition: New. $9.79 Free Shipping. Est. Delivery Fri, Jan 22 - Mon, Jan 25. 187 sold With control knob pushed in, push in and release the piezo ignitor button to light the pilot. Continue pushing the control knob in for a further 10 seconds to prevent the flame detector from shutting off the gas while the probe is warming up. Release the control knob. Turn gas control knob counterclockwise to the ON position

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Switching power is easier than ever. Welcome to the official electric shopping website of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC).. Depending on where your home or business is within Pennsylvania, you may be able to save money on your electric bill by switching your electric supplier The beauty of electric fireplaces is how easily they are to use—there's no wood to gather, no matches to find. Instead, it's instant warmth and ambiance with the flip of a switch. Some, however, are easier to use than others; others are significantly easier to install than others

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Freestanding logs: A unit of logs that can be placed in a converted wood burning fireplace. A gas line is installed to flow to the logs, and the resulting open flame burns much like a wood-burning fire, with only a screen or fireplace face enclosing the flames. HGRM-RWAP-buckhead-gas-logs_s4x3. Gas insert: Converts an existing wood burning. Buy gas or wood burning fireplaces with BBQDirect.com and save money on your new outdoor product. Our fireplaces come in a variety of different decor options allowing you to pick the best one for your home or outdoor living space Try an electric fireplace for a easy to install option without any gas lines or hookups Gas fireplaces have increased in popularity over the past few years. For many homeowners, the attraction of owning a gas fireplace lies in the following: • the convenience of an on/off switch and an ever-present fuel supply • the cleanliness factor (gas fireplaces generate no mess in terms of ashes, wood chips, bark, etc. Item Number: DE-WRCPF-KIT UPC: 781052056787. Control the thermostat, flame and Purifire settings for your Dimplex fireplace with the simple touch of a button. The Dimplex Wall Switch Remote Control allows you to control your Dimplex fireplace using the convenient switch installed into your wall. $ 78.99 Nothing beats the cozy ambiance an outdoor fireplace can bring to your outdoor patio or deck. Shop our top selection of wood burning & gas outdoor fireplaces today

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